Happy Anniversary to my ichiban JE group, NEWS!
I wish you more power and don't forget, we fans are here always to support you no matter what <3
and i'm happy that I'm fangirling again!
I also wish you'll have more projects etc.
I love you <3

i miss JE (T_T)

I miss my boys!
It's been years since I've been hiatus in being a fangirl.
I went inactive since my external hard drive got broke
where all my JE vids and stuff are!

I'm thinking if I'll go back to being a fangirl.
I have many things to catch up.
Can you help me with it guys? (>.<)

I mostly miss my cute, cuddly and beloved Massu (T_T)
I also miss my friends here <3

Finally the results already released!

This will be one of my memorable days of my life!
The Nursing Board Exam results are already released!

I already expected that the results will come soon
but I don't believe that it will be released tonight lol

I just came home from the market together with Mama to buy ingredients
for the Shanghai rolls for the outing tomorrow. That's what Mama's part in the food.
I look at my MassuPod and saw a twitter notification and my classmate mentioned me.
She said "congrats to us". The first thing I thought was "why?"
so I asked her why, while waiting for her answer I think about the board exam.
She answered, "WE PASSED".
lol at first I can't believe it I shouted and said to Mama that I passed the board.
Mama also can't believe it and want to see the results in the internet.
So we look for it and when I saw my name "Faustino, Zeta, Pascua"
I feel my eyes got wet ;)

Don't know how will I react in what I'm looking at.
I'm already a Registered Nurse here!
Until now I can't believe it!
I'm also very proud of my university because 6 out of 10 of the top notchers was graduated in our university!
I'm really so happy tonight! I'm the first Registered Nurse in our Family!
I'm so happy also that Mama feel so proud to me.

Thank you to all the people who greet me and also to people who prayed for me.
That's a big help. =')

All my sacrifices was worth it!
Being hiatus, not being OL and attending Novena masses.

New House

Hello minna! It's so long since my last post couple of months ago XD I'm just happy and excited about our new house! It will be built next year before summer! My main point is when we transferred there I'm gonna have my own room! Yeah that's right I have no own room. Me and one my siblings are sharing rooms.

I know it's quite hard because we have no privacy but we're already used to it. But it's better to have your own room ne? So we're happy about it! I just experience having an own room in dorm when I was still the one who is using my room there.

I'm excited how will I design my own room hahaha I want it to be perfect! At last I can post in my room all the posters and pictures I want to post and no one will complain hahaha!

But the funny thing was our new house will be built just infront of our current house lol. When we will leave this house and go to the new house this will be for rented.

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how lucky I am to have you

This day is one of the important days of the man that I love
He is really important to me <33

Happy Birthday Papa

May you have more birthdays to come and may God always bless you <3
Thank you for all that you have done for me and for the whole family.
I understand that you have to be separated from us for you to be able to
provide our needs and wants.
I'm very thankful to God that you're my father =')
You''re sacrificing every year that you're away from us to work hard.
Coming home only for 1 month every year to be with us.
I know that that 1 month is not enough for us.
The time is near that I'll be the one sacrificing and you'll stop to work
and enjoy your life.
I'm not afraid of that.Just thinking that it's for you and the whole family
gives me courage that I need.

I've got everything I need in this world because the love coming from the family
is already enough for me =)


You'll always be my man ^^

Don't want not to have a post for him ^^

Don't want not to have a post for him ^^
I know I'm late but I still want to make a post for my niichan XD
maybe not in blood but I really want him to be my niichan for real =)
He is very kind and gentle when he is talking about womene
specially his mother and younger sister.
That's the thing i most love about him,
his concern for women.

Even if he doesn't smile he already satisfy you day.

well what if he smiles XD you can die now (right?)
Just want to greet him Belated Happy Birthday =)

I wish you having continuing success and good health for you and your family.
Many fans are relying to you but I know that you won't let us down =)
you will always amaze us every now and then ^^

I love you Yamapi niichan ^^
I wish I can be your imouto for just one day XD
It's enough for me ^^

health alert!

Well I'm posting again LOL
but this is about me now though.
i just want to let this problem of mine.
well it's not a big problem though but it's in my life forever.

if you read my recent tweets you'll see that I'm tweeting that I'm having a ct scan etc.
this is the story of that:
last month suddenly my upper right abdomen hurts badly specially when I'm walking
my mother told me to have a check up
so I go home and go to the hospital for a check up
my doctor didn't say anything but when I saw the medicines that she prescribed
I already know that I'm acidic
well I'm not a soft drinks lover and i don't drink alcoholic drinks often
so i think the reason is I'm not eating at the right time always
my doctor also advised me to have an abdominal ultrasound
the day after I have my ultrasound and the result is ---
my left kidney is not seen!
I'm not nervous at all because maybe it's not accurate (well maybe I'm in denial)
after my doctor saw the results of the ultrasound,
she advised me again to have an abdominal ct scan for accurate findings
so I went to hospital again for the ct scan.
and I already expect the result and I'm right
the result is I DON'T HAVE LEFT KIDNEY
it's congenital (in born) that I don't have my left kidney.
again I'm not nervous because I know I can live with one kidney
but I'll expect that my diet should be changed
i have a consultation to a nephrologist (kidney doctor specialist)
and advised my diet:
low fat, low salt and low sweet
i have to put away pork and beef on my diet, i can eat it but not always
i can only eat chicken and fish
and i have to avoid having hypertension (high blood pressure)
and diabetes (high sugar levels)
because my kidney will fail fast if i have this diseases
I have only one kidney now and i have to take care of it >.<
my doctor said that she has also a patient like me
and my case is very rare.

whenever I eat I think of my diet so I choose the diet that bests for me.
good think that I'm not getting hard to avoid soft drinks and junk food that is
a very no no in my diet now LOL
I already accepted my condition so I guess I'm okay with it haha
sore dake ^^

(no subject)

Belated Happy New Year minna!

I'm late again , I know XDD
Well this is just a short post.
Just want to tell that it's been a very happy year for me.
It's already 1 year since I become a fan ^^
and I'm happy spending it with the fandom ^^
specially my twitter friends ^^ (you know who you are <33)

Last year, it will not be as happy as before if I didn't know you guys ^^
I love you so much ^^
If I have personal problems I just talk to you
and my mood will get up ^^
Flailing or fan girling or random stuffs
you make my day ^^
and of course our boys ^^
Seeing them together is just too perfect to make me die XDD

Now change topic XDD
I'm gonna be hiatus in twitter >.<

JE Ranking game

I just get this to (jedoesntsuck)
i love this ranking :) it's just right hehe

1Masuda Takahisa
2Tegoshi Yuya
3Yamashita Tomohisa
4Koyama Keiichiro
5Kato Shigeaki
6Yaotome Hikaru
6Arioka Daiki
6Chinen Yuuri
9Nakamaru Yuichi
10Kamenashi Kazuya
10Takaki Yuya
12Nakajima Yuto
12Yamada Ryosuke
14Takizawa Hideaki
14Ohno Satoshi
14Aiba Masaki
17Taguchi Junnosuke
17Yabu Kota
17Inoo Kei
17Imai Tsubasa
17Sakurai Sho
17Domoto Tsuyoshi
23Tanaka Koki
23Murakami Shingo
23Maruyama Ryuhei
23Yasuda Shota
23Ohkura Tadayoshi
23Morimoto Ryutaro
23Matsumoto Jun
30Yokoyama Yu
30Ninomiya Kazunari
32Nishikido Ryo
33Ueda Tatsuya
33Shibutani Subaru
33Domoto Koichi
33Nagase Tomoya
33Matsuoka Masahiro
33Yamaguchi Tatsuya
33Katori Shingo
40Akanishi Jin
40Okamoto Keito
40Kokubun Taichi
40Joshima Shigeru
40Morita Go
40Miyake Ken
40Okada Junichi
40Inohara Yoshihiko
40Nagano Hiroshi
40Sakamoto Masayuki
40Nakai Masahiro
40Kimura Takuya
40Kusanagi Tsuyoshi
40Inagaki Goro
if you also want his go here
i want to tag matsuyaney   I know that you'll love this :)
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1. Which celebrity would you like to meet and why?
In hollywood I want to see Miley Cyrus and in Japan I want to see Massu. But I like to see more is Massu because I want to see the reason why he is not recognizable when he's going to public places like Shibuya. I wonder if he look different from the camera and in personal. But not only that reason I just really want to see him :)
2. What do you do before bedtime?
I'll hug my pillow (it has Massu pic on it) which my friends' gift to me on my birthday last June and think about him (Massu) while my eyes are closed so I end up falling as sleep while day dreaming haha.
3. What will your dream wedding be like?
I usually like garden wedding but of course I really like the ambiance in church wedding. I like garden wedding because I really like nature :) but for me church wedding. I want the feeling of walking through the altar slowly hehe I think when I experience that I'll be emotional specially when the groom is Massu lol XD
6. Would you ever wait for a week outside a venue to see your favourite artist/band?
7. Do you wear sexy underwear? is the boxer sexy?
  No hahaha
8. If the person you secretly like is already taken, what would you do?
I'm kinda martyr but not physically but emotionally. So I'm a person who will just support that person specially if he is my friend. But if it's not I'll cry quietly :(
9. Can you cook?
Yes and I'm enjoying it :) specially when you discover some new techniques to cook such menu :)
10. Do you have a good body-image?
  I'm a chubby person but I'm contented with it :) eventhough I'm on a diet now I don't want to be skinny hehe I still want to have that little fats on my body because for me it's like a necessity XD
11. Is being tagged fun?
     Yes! Thanks abir-chan :)

12. What websites do you visit daily?
LJ, FB and index JE videos. I'm not really active in twitter now.
13. If you were guaranteed 100% safe, free and painless cosmetic surgery, would you get it?
No, I'm contented to what I look.
14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
I think she's sweet and I like how she gives comfort for people who is getting emotional (patting heads) because it's so cute :)
15. What's the last song that got stuck in your head?
Yoru wa Hoshi wo Nagameteokure, because I really moved to it's meaning, also Boku no Cinderella.
16. What’s your favorite item of clothing?
I have none, because I'm not really into fashion hehe. I just wear very simple clothes.
17. What's better: to give or to receive?
Giving! I'm happy giving specially when the person that I've given something is really appreciating the thing I give.
18. What's the first thing you notice in people?
    Lips hehehe I'm very much particular in lips and also eyes but when a person smile at me I'll first notice the smile :)
19. Would you have 100% safe sex with a stranger for $10,000,000?
20. What were your parents going to name you if you'd been born the opposite gender?
I don't know hehe
21. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A successful nurse and marrying my ikemen guy (Massu) XD lol

It's my first time to post hehe feel free to comment :) thanks
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